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Lubrificante liqui moly

MensagemEnviado: quinta mai 16, 2013 10:36 am
por ricardo_tt
Bom dia,

Apesar de já ter lido jugo que todos os tópicos sobre lubrificantes de caixas e diferenciais, e como utilizo os produtos liqui moly surgiu-me aqui uma dúvida, quando pesquisei no site deles os produtos indicados para o Defender 300 tdi.
Eles aconselham este produto tanto para as caixas de velocidades, transferências e diferenciais, é um 3 em 1.

Liqui Moly Hochleistungs-Getriebeöl (GL3+) SAE 75 W-80

Especificações e autorizações:
A LIQUI MOLY também recomenda este produto para veículos para os quais
se exigem as seguintes especificações:
MB 235.4 / 235.10 / 235.11
R#n@ult pesados
MAN 341 tipo E3
MAN 341 tipo Z3
Volvo 97305
Eaton Extended Drain (300.000 km)

DADOS TÉCNICOS Classe de viscosidade : 75W-80
Densidade a +15 °C : 0,876 g/cm³ DIN 51757
Viscosidade a +40 °C : 62 mm2/s DIN 51562
Viscosidade a +100 °C : 9,2 mm2/s DIN 51562
Índice de viscosidade : 129 DIN ISO 2909
Ponto de inflamação : 228 °C DIN ISO 2592
Ponto de congelação : -48 °C DIN ISO 3016
Número de cor ASTM : 2 DIN 51578

Acham que é aconselhável?

Re: Lubrificante liqui moly

MensagemEnviado: quinta mai 16, 2013 1:55 pm
por titomendes
A LAND ROVER o que manda é 80EP (climas mais frios) ou 90EP (climas mais quentes) com API GL4 ou 5 para caixa de transf, e diferenciais.
Na caixa de velocidades é MTF94 ou AFT

Se gosta de Liqui Moly podes usar um 75w90 que eles têm para grupos hipóides.

Re: Lubrificante liqui moly

MensagemEnviado: quinta mai 16, 2013 2:42 pm
por ricardo_tt
Ok, bem me parecia que esta especificação não dava para a caixa de velocidades.
Actualmente tenho um ATF da Mobil Dexron III, vou só trocar então por igual.
Obrigado pela rápida e clara resposta.

Re: Lubrificante liqui moly

MensagemEnviado: quinta mai 16, 2013 5:49 pm
por titomendes
Olá Ricardo
Olha que as caixas landrover têm fama de só gostar de MTF94.

Re: Lubrificante liqui moly

MensagemEnviado: quinta mai 16, 2013 6:00 pm
por ricardo_tt
Então vou seguir o teu conselho e por esse.

Re: Lubrificante liqui moly

MensagemEnviado: quinta mai 16, 2013 6:18 pm
por Mr_Trecolareco
Já agora um topico que encontrei completo sobre oleo e 300tdi:



Capacities as per LR manual - may be of interest to some :

Engine 5.8L + O.85 extra if filtr changed ; (15W/40) *no nosso tempo ameno 10w40 semi é a escolha mais consensual pelo que vi/oiço
Manual Gearbox : 2.67 L . ( ATF Dexron IID ) * MTF94
Transfer Box : 2.3 L. ( 80/90 EP )
Front/Rear Axle : 1.7 L each . ( 80/90 EP )
Pwr steering box & reservoir : 3.4 L . ( ATF Dexron IID )
Swivel pin Housing : 0.35 L each side . ( 80/90 EP )
Cooling system : 11.5 L .
Washer bottle : 7L .
Fuel tank usable fuel : 89L .

* The manual doesn't mention MTF 94 but when I had the gearbox out of a TD4 last year and asked the main dlr for the proper oil to refill it with that's what I was given .

When I got my first 300 Tdi a few years ago I used the oils supplied by Difflock in gearbox/transfer box/swivels/front and rear axles .
Having read various articles over the years of how oils are developed for specific purposes I couldn't see any sense in using ATF in a manual gearbox as the lubricating requirements would be very different . One article suggested that LR recommended ATF when they found that the 'proper' gear oil gave very poor changes especially when cold . It was also suggested that this was why so many gearboxes failed .
Difflock recommend changing their oils every 48K IIRC . The manual box certainly felt better and the Disco is still going strong for a family member who now drives it .
As regards the swivel housings I discovered that the last of the Tdi's had no drain plug on the swivels so you had to use grease .( I spent a while looking for a drain plug on a 98 Tdi )
The grease was introduced by LR apparently to solve the problem of leaking swivel seals - fill with grease and forget .
I also read that owners who are into serious off roading would change the swivel oil after an outing if water had gotten in - if you have grease you don't have this option .

... and modern swivels only have a filler plug, no level or drain plugs. (The tea lady strikes again, or maybe the bean counters in this case). So if you get water in your grease you have to disassemble the whole sheboodle to get it out.

The reason your manual doesn't mention MTF94 was that it was introduced in 1997 for the Freelander and then someone thought it would be a good idea to use it in the R380 and LT77. There was a Tech Bulletin in that year about it. The TD5 era manuals do specify MTF94. This oil was/is also used by h#nd@ and lately by Hyundai; I think LR got the idea from h#nd@.

Here in SA I got 20l from Caltex, but they normally deny all knowledge of it. I think my can was snaffled from an order that was supposed to go to LR in Pretoria where they were assembling Defenders at the time. But I have heard you can buy it from Hyundai dealers if you like. I have now run out of MTF94 and have swapped to Redline MTL which gives a better gear change and supposedly never needs to be changed.

Some people have success with Dexron III fully synthetic ATF. But anything is better than standard red Dexron II which will encourage wear as it is not designed for helical gears at all and is actually too 'slippery' for the synchros to work properly.

Re: Lubrificante liqui moly

MensagemEnviado: quinta mai 16, 2013 9:10 pm
por ricardo_tt
Artigo bem esclarecedor :cool: